Frequently Asked Questions

When do Children and Youth Christian Education classes meet?

Christian Education begins 10 a.m., following 8:30 worship service and preceding 11 a.m. service. NO CHRISTIAN EDUCATION CLASSES DURING SUMMER MONTHS. CHECK CALENDAR FOR DATE WHEN CHRISTIAN ED ENDS IN SPRING AND RESUMES IN FALL.

Where is my child’s classroom?

Classes for grades 5 through 8 are on the lower level Children and Youth Christian EducatIon wing. The Fishbowl and classes for children age 2 through 4th grade meet on the upper level wing. The Gathering Place, for grades 9-12 is located on the basement level. See floor plan for exact location.

What do adults do during Youth Christian Ed?

Adults can either join us for coffee in the Parrot Gallery or attend an Adult Christian Education class. These informal and informational sessions are normally held in the sanctuary in between worship services.

Is Child Care available in addition to Christian Education?

Child Care is provided for those four and under during both services and for infants to preschoolers during Christian Education. All children are warmly welcomed to join their age appropriate Christian Ed classes even if you are visiting for the first time.