Frequently Asked Questions



When do Children and Youth Christian Education classes meet?

Christian Education begins 10 a.m., following 8:30 worship service and preceding 11 a.m. service. We follow the academic calendar and pause Christian Education during the summer months. We are currently planning for in-person christian education for fall 2021, but will follow the state and local guidelines as well as best practices advides by the CMCL COVID task force.

Where is my child’s classroom?

This is currently under revisions as we align with best practices for COVID safety. Look for posted signs in the building upon entry.

What do adults do during Youth Christian Ed?

Learning or socializing, your choice. Following the service, there is coffee time in the Parrot Gallery (ground level under the sanctuary) and Christian Education for all ages begins at 11 a.m. Adult Christian Ed is an opportunity to explore issues of faith, relationship and biblical teaching in a more in-depth way. Topics are generated from within the congregation and have covered topics as diverse as parenting, eco-responsibility, practicing peace and justice and what it means to be a welcoming congregation for the LGBT community.

Is Child Care available in addition to Christian Education?

Child Care is provided for those four and under during second service.