What We Believe

Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster is a welcoming and inclusive congregation. We are a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference of Mennonite Church USA but also draw together those from a variety of spiritual backgrounds both from within and outside the Anabaptist tradition. As a community of seekers, we look for and are open to a fresh understanding of Jesus’ love. We especially embrace our differences as a route to our common connection to God. We worship through deep reflection on biblical stories and teachings in the hopes that our wrestling is a means to bring us closer to God’s grace and how it directs our lives. While we are dedicated to standing in the light of peace and justice, it is our collective artistic, creative and intellectual gifts that are the essence of our spirit as a faith community. Our simple sanctuary provides a haven for inspiration, learning, healing and celebration. We believe that our relationships with each other are a demonstration of our faith and belief in a loving God. For that reason, our spiritual community is guided by and committed to upholding certain Core Values and beliefs that are expressed through the Vision Prayer.

Vision Prayer

Through your grace, O God, form us into a community
Called to follow Jesus
Known and loved by you
Nourished throughout our lives by worship, relationships and the biblical story
Open to new voices and dreams
Committed to one another in times of celebration and difficulty,
Responsive to human need with justice and compassion.
May your spirit draw us together into your new creation.