Giving to CMCL

How & Why?

Not sure of the best way to contribute? Here are some options for your consideration:

1. Set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account by going to the Attender Access Portal under Congregational Resources. Logging in for the first time can be tricky but do some deep breathing and you will make it. 

  • After you login click on the 3 horizontal bars on the left and drag down to Online Giving.
    You will see three options. ACH is the most cost-effective.
    Click your choice and follow the online instructions.
    If you have any questions please contact the church office.

2. Use your bank’s Bill Pay option.
3. Put a check or cash into the offering or the church mailbox.
4. Make a stock transfer.
5. Designate CMCL to receive 2% from your Everence credit card.
6. Onlne contributions. Click the Donate button below.

You are welcome to contribute weekly, monthly, or even yearly! CMCL also gratefully welcomes bequests.

Recently at our church council meeting we discussed the church budget and what it will take to end the year in the black. We started talking about different ways people can give to the church, and I reflected on how and why our family donates to CMCL. I have set up a regular payment from our bank account that is sent automatically to the church twice a month. I like giving our offering that way so that I don’t have to scramble each Sunday to write a check or make sure I have cash. But, offerings are more than logistics for me. I give because I value the community we are building here with others who are striving to live out our faith in unsettling times. The care and support our family has received from CMCL means so much. Our family wants to support our community financially to make sure it continues to stay strong and grow.

Carol Eby-Good

The gospel is free. The care of people and infrastructure within a community that values and tries to live in that good news is not. We give of our time, our talents, and our money to help be a part of something that is greater than ourselves.

André Chubb & Margaret Krumm

My family has been nurtured by CMCL pastors, leaders, programs, new and old friendships for over three decades.  It has been a guiding light, reinforcements and fun. A place to learn and grow and love and ask questions — I support financially so that more people can experience this refuge. I use a donor-advised fund that I set up with Everence to support CMCL.  It simplifies my record-keeping; no checks to write, just an on-line transfer from my Everence account once or twice a year. You can give more because you can eliminate capital gains taxes by transferring highly appreciated stock, RMDs, real estate, bitcoin, etc. to your account. Hey, talk with your financial advisor, please!

Lorna Stoltzfus