Worship Times

Worship Services: 9:30 am
Christian Education Hour: 11:00 AM

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God invites us to gather, God invites us to come as we are. For the sake of who we may yet be. God invites us to journey in awe and in trust.

Worship at CMCL is grounded in the stories of Jesus but woven together with an inclusive and compassionate interpretation of God’s word. There is room for looking at stories in a fresh way, and for hearing the stories of many. It is through this, that CMCL seeks to make worship a time to ask questions, to interpret scripture and life together, to feed the soul, and to inspire our choices in the world. The spirit of the worship service is imaginative while still being rooted in Mennonite tradition and the Christian lectionary. The inspired words of theologians and poets often find their way into prayerful centering and worship inspired art helps us focus and convey what words cannot. Music also plays an important role in worship at CMCL. Many styles and genres are celebrated, from a capella hymns, to a rich variety of musical gifts that are shared from among the congregation. Classical piano, acoustic guitar, jazz and bluegrass are some examples of musical inspiration that often accompanies worship.