Becoming A Member

Becoming a Member

While membership is not required to be an active and welcomed participant in the CMCL congregation, membership affords certain benefits, namely the right to vote in congregational decisions. Assuming that you have been baptized in a Christian community of some kind, the process of becoming a member at CMCL is neither complicated or arduous. The steps are designed to allow you the opportunity to share a bit about your personal faith journey and to get to know the church community in a more in-depth yet casual way. Throughout the year, Pastoral Team hosts a series of new member dinners. These get-togethers are intended to provide an informal and comfortable setting in which one can ask questions and share about yourself. If this is your first experience participating in a Mennonite church, some have found it helpful to learn more about the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. While this is optional, the opportunity to delve more deeply into the Mennonite context is always available. Should you choose to become a member, you would be assisted in finding a sponsor within the congregation membership that can serve as a sounding board and resource for other questions that arise. This member will also introduce you when you are formally welcomed into the congregation during a brief portion of one of the Sunday worship services.

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