The artwork Joseph Gascho offered for our Lenten Holloway worship environment is based off of a famous painting of the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. His image and the accompanying poem-reflection are below.

These first two images are images of The Last Supper that have been photoshopped and shared publicly by people across the world. They imagine the Last Supper in quarantine — perhaps the table is empty. Perhaps the gathering is over Zoom.


The images are amusing, but also thought-provoking reflections of our time. We will be remembering the Last Supper tonight in our own homes. Whether we eat alone, or share our table with others in shared quarantine, we remember Jesus tonight. And like Joseph’s image suggests, we place ourselves in the story and wonder …

Here is an audio recording of the little handwashing song you may choose to sing tonight in the Maundy Thursday at-home service that you received in the CMCL Holy Week packet. It’s to the tune of Happy Birthday, so hopefully CMCLers of all ages can easily sing along.

Is It I?

Most days I am
a James or John,
other times Thomas
or Bartholomew.
But some nights at 2 a.m.
I waken sobbing Yes
to Is it I?