Child Safety Policy Documents

Approved Volunteer Checklist for CMCL

Every Year:

Every Two Years:

  • We are aware that this is a heavy topic to process, and we do not want you to feel you are doing so in isolation. If you want to follow up, please let us know at the bottom of the training video form and a pastor will reach out to you. You can also feel free to contact one of the pastors directly.

Every 60 months:

  • PA Criminal History Check: As a volunteer, you can complete the application free of charge at (Be sure to print or save the Certification Form as the receipt showing the transaction which says “No Record” is not the official document.) When you have results, submit electronic copies to 



  • Either FBI Criminal History Background Check (if you have lived outside of PA in the last 10 years) OR the PA Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers


  • FBI Criminal History Background Check: Register to get FBI fingerprints completed. Volunteers should use 1KG6ZJ for the service code. The cost of the FBI background check is $23.25. You may submit your receipt to the church office for reimbursement, if desired. When you have results, submit electronic copies to


  • PA Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers: If you have lived in PA continuously for the past 10 years and can attest to everything on the disclosure statement, you may sign and return the form to


Thank you for doing your part to make our church a safe environment for all!

If you would like to print out copy of this checklist to keep for your records, you may download a copy here.