November 7, 2021


Sunday Worship, Harvest Sunday

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Prelude— I owe the Lord a morning song, VT #496

Lighting Peace Lamp—Good morning. This morning’s worship theme is the changing of the seasons and the harvest that comes with that change. I also remember the changing of “seasons” in our lives that have been caused by this pandemic and so many other things. I’d like to share a poem by Jan Richardson for our time of Lighting the Peace Lamp that highlights the calm amidst the chaos that we’ve all been experiencing.

Opening Prayer—“Blessing in the Chaos”

To all that is chaotic
in you,
let there come silence.

Let there be
a calming
of the clamoring,
a stilling
of the voices that
have laid their claim
on you,
that have made their
home in you,

that go with you
even to the
holy places
but will not
let you rest,
will not let you
hear your life
with wholeness
or feel the grace
that fashioned you.

Let what distracts you
Let what divides you
Let there come an end
to what diminishes
and demeans,
and let depart
all that keeps you
in its cage.

Let there be
an opening
into the quiet
that lies beneath
the chaos,
where you find
the peace
you did not think
and see what shimmers
within the storm.

Gathering Prayer— 

Creator God, God of changing seasons, of shorter days and longer nights, of gray skies and brisk winds, of fallen leaves and faded flowers,we gather this day in your name, mindful of the seasons of our lives and of our organization, mindful of the passing of time and of the shortness of time in which to plant the seeds and harvest the fruit of your Kingdom. Be with us this day. Heighten our awareness of the abundance of gifts and opportunities you have given us to carry out your healing work in this world. Strengthen our commitment to take the fullest advantage of the precious but ever-fleeting time you have given us so that the harvest of our lives and that of our organization will be abundant. We ask this in faith. Amen.

                            -Ron Hamel

Gathering Song—God of the fertile fields, VT #750

Scripture—Mark 11:11-25

Children’s Time— John-Michael Cotignola Pickens

Offering—Thank you for your continued support of your congregation. Our budget supports our staff, our building, our congregational care, and our outreach commitments. We are grateful that this community can be a place to seek and give mutual aid and to reach out beyond our community, too. Thanks so much for being the church and giving to the work of the church.

Offering Prayer—

We long for the time
when the meek shall inherit the earth
and all who hunger and thirst after justice
shall be satisfied,
and we believe that, despite the persistence of evil,
now is always the time
when more good can be done
and we can make a difference.
May it be so, through the offering of these gifts
and the offering of our lives. Amen.

Source: Prayer for Justice and Peace, Iona

Congregation Song— Sing to the God of Harvest, VT #122

Sermon—Susan Gascho-Cooke (text will be sent out with Sharing Time email)

Pie Communion—

Making Pies,by Patty Griffin

“You could cry or die 
Or just make pies all day 
I’m making pies 
Making pies
Making pies 
Making pies”

Leftover Tears, by Maya de Vitry, who grew up at CMCL

“If it’s what you need any road can be walked alone
I just thought this might be a place to walk each other home
I just thought this might be the world where tenderness grows in the rain
I just thought this might be the time to ease each other’s pain

These are leftover tears from the day I was born
They slip out sometimes when I don’t know what to make of this world

I thought we might want to be holding each other by now
And if not with our arms, however we figure out how
I just know I long to be there for you and you for me
This might be the time we paint the world we’d rather see

These are leftover tears from the day I was born
They slip out sometimes when I don’t recognize this world”

Sharing TimePlease email your prayer requests or reflections this morning to They will be sent out by email by Monday.

Sharing Time Prayer— Where do you sense God moving among us? This is our time to prayerfully respond to the scriptures and the message of the morning as well as bring joys and concerns from our lives and greater world. The leader will respond after each sharing with “Lord in your mercy,” and invite the congregants to follow with “Hear our prayer.”


Closing Song—Seeds, VT #777

Benediction— Song for Autumn, by Mary Oliver

Don’t you imagine the leaves dream now
how comfortable it will be to touch
the earth instead of the
nothingness of the air and the endless
freshets of wind? And don’t you think
the trees, especially those with
mossy hollows, are beginning to look for

the birds that will come–six, a dozen– to sleep
inside their bodies? And don’t you hear
the goldenrod whispering goodbye,
the everlasting being crowned with the first
tuffets of snow? The pond
stiffens and the white field over which
the fox runs so quickly brings out
its long blue shadows. The wind wags
its many tails. And in the evening
the piled firewood shifts a little,
longing to be on its way.


Worship Leader: John-Michael Cotignola Pickens
Sermon: Susan Gascho-Cooke
Song Leader: Christy Heatwole Kauffman
Children’s Time: John-Michael Cotignola Pickens