Sunday, January 24, 2021

More Favorite Hymns & Stories of Alternate Service


fraktur art by Lynn Sommer

Prelude — Guide My Feet, HWB #546, by Oasis Chorale

Lighting the Peace Lamp — 

Come, Holy Spirit,
lamplighter, midwife of change,
comforter, disturber, inspirer, and advocate.
Come, fill the church
with the gifts earth
can neither produce nor afford.
Come, fill our lives,
with that rich mixture of peace and restlessness,
calm and enthusiasm,
which are hallmarks of holiness.
Come, promised Spirit of God,
find your way and make your home among us. Amen.

StS #189


Good morning and welcome to worship. This morning, we continue our January series around Anabaptist stories and favorite hymns. As others before us have done in chaotic times, we can find courage in hearing the stories of those who faithfully rejected violence in the past through conscientious objection; and we can draw strength from the music that touches us most deeply and helps to undergird our faith today. We are aware that the stories we have shared come from a particular experience — that of white male, American Anabaptist Christians, all of whom had the choice to opt for an alternative to service in the armed forces. Those options have not always been available to all. Stories such as John Lewis’s experience of being denied C.O. status by his draft board point to different realities. There is much to learn. This morning we continue sharing the stories of CMCLers’ experiences. 

This Sunday, we are grateful to hear about favorite hymns from Susie Moore, Eric Umble and Ron Vogt. Daryl Snider will share a song in Children’s Time and a coloring sheet has been made available to the children to accompany the song. During the sermon time, Ken Nissley and Jay Martin will share their Alternative Service stories. 

Just a reminder to send any sharing requests to Susan by email to or you can use the chat.

Call to Worship

People of God,
look about and see the faces of those we know and love—
neighbors and friends, sisters and brothers—
a community of kindred hearts.
People of God,
look about and see the faces of those we hardly know—
strangers, sojourners, forgotten friends,
the ones who need and outstretched hand.
People of God,
look about you and see all the images of God assembled here.
In me, in you, in each of us,
God’s Spirit shines for all to see.
People of God, come. Let us worship together.

StS #190

Gathering Song & Reflection

Reflection: For Everyone Born, a Place at the Table, Susie Moore
Song: For Everyone Born, A Place at the Table
Children’s Time Gathering Song—Come and SeeLink to printable coloring sheet for childrenChildren’s Time— Gott ist die Liebe (For God so loved us) “Hymnal: A Worship Book” #167, by Sopa Sol,

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God has shown us the meaning of generosity
in the rich diversity of creation,
in the overflowing love of Jesus Christ,
in the never-ending gift of the Holy Spirit.
God has abundantly blessed us and called us
to be a community that honors each other,
to be servants to others with joy,
to share our love and material possessions.
Let us rejoice in what we have been given
And what is ours to give.

StJ #148

Offertory— Favorite Hymn, played by Eric Umble: Wind Who Makes All Winds, HWB #31

Scripture— Lectionary Psalm 62:5-12, The Inclusive Bible

In God alone my soul finds rest,
for my deliverance comes from God,
who alone is my rock, my salvation, my fortress:
I will never be shaken.

Only in God—my deliverance, my glory—
my refuge is God.
Trust in God always, my people;
pour out your hearts before God our refuge.
Humankind is but a breath,
mortals are just an illusion.
Put them on the scale and the balance is thrown off:
they weigh less than a breath.
Do not trust in extortion,
or put false hopes in stolen goods;
do not set your heart on riches
even when they increase.
For God has said only one thing,
only two do I know:
that to God alone belongs power,
and that you, YHWH, are loving—
you repay all people according to their deeds.

Reflections— by Ken Nissley and Jay Martin

Ken Nissley, Reflection on Alternate Service

Jay Martin, Reflection on Alternate Service

Reflection on Favorite Hymn  Reflection: Ron Vogt, Hymn: I Need Thee Every Hour, by Mennonite Hour Singers

Sharing Time—  Email your prayer requests or reflections to They will be sent out by email by Monday morning. 

May God lift up each sagging shoulder
and strengthen every weakened knee;
may God straighten the path for each tired foot
and turn to peace every embattled heart;
may God so bless each merciful word
and magnify every faithful deed,
that each root of bitterness can be pulled from the earth
and the tree of life planted in its place.

StJ #165

Closing Hymn God Be With You Til We Meet Again, Luke Good, Leon Miller, Ken Nissley, Ron Umble


The blessing of God,
the shalom of God,
the wildness and the warmth of God,
be among us and between us,
now and always.

StS #195 (adapted)

 Worship coordination for Jan 10, 17 & 24: Lynn Sommer
Worship Leader: Jay Martin
Reflections: Ken Nissley, Jay Martin
Favorite Hymns: Susie Moore, Eric Umble, Ron Vogt
Tech Host: Drew Brubaker