This Holy Week we are posting the artwork that was created by CMCLers for our worship environment. The prompt was the theme, “Holloway,” Each day of Holy Week we’ll send out images and accompanying statements from two participating artists.

Blessings as you walk this holloway of Holy Week …

Renee King

This piece was very challenging to make as multiple attempts just were not working. I kept hearing “stop being so literal”. 

And yes, my feelings about holloways have changed. Prior to our current situation I viewed it as a way through, getting to “the light at the end of the tunnel”.  Now I see it as a place to cocoon. A place to shelter, to stop the impulse to “push through”, to let go of the urge to take up a self improvement project, but rather, to center and be present, to grieve and to be compassionate with myself, to go inward and find the real me, who I really am….and to be ok with what is….

I haven’t had much time to do this but am looking forward to a lighter workload this month, which is all subject to change…and that’s ok too! 

Nancy Baum 

I see the Holloway as a Symbol of a journey; of a “going through and around the corner to the unknown”. I chose to mark the weeks by using a morning meditation of this idea. I sat for a bit in silence with “journey, going through, the unknown” and then went to my drawing table and made the first thing that came to me. If I thought “simple line drawing” that is what I made. When I thought darkness and unseen that is what I made, or newness growth and color, that is what I made.